Friday, 11 November 2011

James Winfield Art 8

I am presenting my 8th piece of art.

I am not one to wear a poppy, mainly due to my dislike of conforming to expectation but this does not mean that I do not have feelings, or respect.

I painted it as so originally, unsure of how to finish it, but then after two bottles of wine, I realised that the white is perfect - blue, red and white is the colours of the United Kingdom flag for which our heroes have fought for.

Sadly slightly too late for Rememberence Day itself, but I do not think that is important.

I shall list it on Ebay when I get back from Berlin next week.  Fingers crossed it will get more than the cost of a poppy (which in Hull, when I was a child, was 20p - the same amount that I stole from a bank earlier).

Thursday, 10 November 2011

James Winfield Art 7

The other night, I wanted to paint but had absolutely no idea what to paint so I just started painting, and this is the result.

I don't really know what it is.  It certainly is not my favourite picture.

I think I need to get some anger back in me.

James Winfield Art 6

There was probably 6 month's break before my next attempt, I have been lacking inspiration, but redundancy and the world of questions that it opened for me inspired this piece.

It is supposed to be hopeful, with the smaller, brighter questions in the middle away from the larger darker questions in the corner.

I may be doing something much darker soon at this rate though!

James Winfield Art Unclassified

Going back to being on the border of unacceptability, this is to show my disappointment with tins of chocolates, because there are always at least a couple of types that I hate.

With Cadbury's Racists, I only actually like the pinks - the oranges in particular can get out of the country/tin.  As can the blues, they can fuck right off.  Scum.  Who gave them right of entry?  Who let them gain the right to work in a tin?

And don't even get me started on the reds.

James Winfield Art 5

This was my first attempt at art with actual paint, it was done after a couple of bottles of wine, and perhaps more importantly, a shot of absinthe, over the new year.

It only took an hour or so and afterwards I was in total shock - I hope you agree that it is actually rather good!

And far more positive a message than previous ones, I was definitely feeling the love :-)

James Winfield Art 4

This is my interpretation of those women who have an obsession with money.

Sadly, or perhaps thankfully, not a reaction to anyone particular in my life but just a general observation that there are women with large breasts and no arms that like to stick their legs around poles filled with money.

James Winfield Art 3

Probably my second most famous piece to date.

This is just totally representative of my hatred towards X-Factor and the damage that I feel it does to society, night-life and the contestants on it.

Utterly destructive and evil, and I think I got my point across very well.

Apologies if it offends - but it is art.

James Winfield Art 2

This is a little more hopeful, a bit of love and brightness in a world of dark thunder clouds and fire.

James Winfield Art 1

This is the first time that I tried art as an adult, I was very nervous and this was the confused result.

I was in a fairly bad mood and pretty drunk.